After school clubs

One of the driving forces behind Cricket Hoppers was the lack of accessibility to the sport for younger children.  We particularly felt this was the case in state schools.  Cricket Clubs are available, but mainly in the summer months, and at weekends.  

We're therefore delighted to introduce our Cricket Hoppers for Schools programme.  


Participating schools offer after school clubs where we deliver our three step program in a familiar environment. We offer our clubs at a discounted rate to parents, and schools can protect their limited budgets.    

Our programme focuses on three steps; 

1) Fundamental movement and motor skills relating to cricket.

We recognise the importance of a fun, dynamic warm up.  We have a full range of equipment such as ladders, cones, bean bags and wobble boards, to ensure all children are ready and focused for the challenge of the class.


2) Wide range of cricket skills and drills

This lies at the heart of what we do. Getting all of our children to learn the basics and beyond. We have a wide range of cricket equipment to aid learning.  We will coach a full range of fielding, batting and bowling skills, ensuring all sessions are differentiated to stimulate, challenge and progress learning.


3) Playing games that will develop tactical awareness, concentration and team work


Games are an essential part of every class, with the aim of providing a learning opportunity both when wining and losing takes place. Through playing games, we encourage respect for opponents together with valuing the importance of the spirit of cricket.  Learning to work with others in a caring and co-operative manner, is something we believe should be introduced at an early age.

We're rolling this programme out across schools in Hampshire, if you think your school might be interested, please email us on or phoning us 07766 717841

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