Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions


The referral bonus of £10 will apply to each new customer referred by the Referrer (“the New Customer”) - up to a maximum of 5 New Customers (£50).    The promotion will apply from the beginning of each term and will run until the last day of the term (“the Applicable Term”).

The New Customer must never have attended a Cricket Hoppers class before- whether a free trial or otherwise and must book and pay for the Applicable Term (or the remainder of the Applicable Term on a pro-rata basis).  

A referral bonus may only be redeemed as a credit towards the Referrer’s fees for the term  immediately following the Applicable Term, and will be credited once the New Customer’s payment for the Applicable Term has cleared.

All bookings are subject to availability.

Our standard Cancellation Policy applies. 

The referral bonus cannot be applied to the New Customer’s term fees.

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